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Sample Trip Quotes

To give you a ballpark idea, here are some sample quotes for requests we’ve gotten from our customers:

Example #1:

A group of 60 students from an Atlanta middle school is planning a field trip to visit the Georgia Aquarium. Their science teacher wants the students to experience the exhibits firsthand to supplement what they have been learning in class about marine biology. She decides to book an Atlanta charter bus rental for the day to transport the large group the 15 miles from their school to the aquarium and back. After getting quotes from a few different companies, she chooses a 56-passenger charter bus that costs $140 per hour. Since they need the bus from 8am to 4pm, that comes out to $980 for the day. With the aquarium admission tickets factored in, the total cost per student ends up being just $35 for the educational field trip, which is a great value. The teacher tops it off by tipping the friendly charter bus team 10% for providing a smooth, timely shuttle service.

Example #2

A Fortune 500 company based in Atlanta wanted to arrange transportation for a team building retreat. The HR manager planned an offsite full-day event for 120 employees, with pickup at their Buckhead headquarters. She rented four 56-passenger charter buses to accommodate the large group, with pickup at 8 AM sharp. The charter bus company quoted her $165 per hour for each bus, estimating the rental from 8 AM – 6 PM to allow for traffic delays. For 10 hours per bus, the total came to $6,600. The charter bus company also included a 10% gratuity in the final quote, adding another $660. So the total cost for transporting 120 employees to and from their corporate retreat using Atlanta charter bus rentals was $7,260, which came out to around $60 per person. The HR manager was pleased with the professional service and clean, comfortable buses.

Example #3:

A high school football team from outside Atlanta is headed to the Georgia Dome for the state championship game. With over 50 players, coaches, and staff attending, the school needs transportation that can accommodate the large group. They decide to book a charter bus in Atlanta for game day. The 56-passenger bus picks up the team from their hotel and takes them directly to the stadium, avoiding traffic and parking challenges. The charter bus is booked for 8 hours to allow time for transportation to and from the hotel. At a rate of $150 per hour, the total cost for the Atlanta charter bus rental comes to $1,200. With everyone chipping in, it’s only about $20 per person for comfortable transportation for the big game. The school tips 10% for providing excellent service, bringing the total to $1,320. Charter bus transportation helps the team focus on the championship while leaving the driving to an experienced professional.

Example #4:

A youth basketball team from suburban Atlanta wants to reward their players with a fun day trip into the city after a successful season. The coaches decide to take the 14 players, ages 12-14, along with 6 parent chaperones to the Georgia Aquarium, CNN Studio Tour, and a Hawks game at State Farm Arena. To keep the group together and avoid the headache of multiple vehicles, they rent a 25 passenger charter bus for the day. The bus picks them up at 8am in the suburbs, and returns at 9pm after the game. The total cost for the 13 hour charter is $780, which comes out to only $39 per person for the all day excursion into Atlanta. With door to door service, no need to worry about traffic or parking, and the luxury coach keeping the kids entertained, the coaches feel it’s money well spent to give their hard-working players a special experience.

Example #5:

A bride and groom are planning their dream wedding in Atlanta. With over 200 guests attending from all over the country, they know they need to arrange transportation for their wedding party and guests. They decide to book two 56-passenger charter buses to shuttle guests between the hotel, ceremony, and reception. The charter bus company quotes them $165 per hour for each bus. They book the buses for 8 hours – 2 hours before the ceremony to transport guests, 4 hours of continuous shuttle service between venues during the day, and 2 hours after the reception. With a small buffer for potential overtime, the total charter bus rental cost comes to $2,970. They happily pay this fee knowing their guests will be transported comfortably on their special day. The charter bus company also includes a 10% gratuity charge, bringing their full quote to $3,267. Though not initially budgeted for, the couple agrees the charter buses are well worth the expense.

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